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Members of the Johns Hopkins community are urged to report all observed or experienced behaviors of concern and acts of violence to an appropriate campus authority in a timely manner. Reported behaviors of concern and acts of violence will be responded to and handled in a manner that respects the privacy of all involved. If waranted, a thorough, systematic, and consistent evaluation will be conducted with the Risk Assessment Team who investigates all reports and provides guidance to management.

If you are concerned about behaviors that might escalate into violence, talk with your supervisor, manager, or academic advisor or chair. Share with him or her the events you observed and how they impacted your job or academic responsibilities. If your supervisor or manager is not available, you can make a report to human resources/labor relations. If your program advisor or director is not available, you may make a report to the appropriate dean for faculty or student affairs. You may also make a report to the Workplace Risk Assessment program manager at If at any point safety is a concern, contact Security immediately or call 911.

Johns Hopkins will not permit employment-based retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, brings a complaint of disruptive behavior or act of violence, or who speaks as a witness in the investigation of a complaint.

Who to Contact

  • Johns Hopkins University Faculty – report incidents to a department chair, dean for faculty affairs, or member of the Risk Assessment Team:  George Economas (East Baltimore) or Mark Long (Homewood), Security; Michelle Carlstrom, FASAP; Patricia McLean, Office of the General Counsel.
  • Johns Hopkins University Staff – report incidents to your supervisor, Human Resources and/or Employee Relations, or Security at 410-516-7777.
  • Johns Hopkins University Residents and Fellows – report incidents to your residency or program director, the Dean of Academic Affairs or Postdoctoral Affairs, or Security at 410-955-5585.
  • Johns Hopkins University Students – report to your dean, director of student affairs, or Security at 410-516-7777.
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System sites other than those listed below – report incidents to HR Consulting and Labor Relations at 410-955-6783 or Security at 410-955-5585.
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center – HR, Evelyn Oberender at 410-550-0433 or Security at 410-550-0333.
  • Johns Hopkins Community Physicians – HR, Leslie Rhode at 410-338-3500.
  • Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC – HR, Joe Rammacca at 410-424-4615
  • Johns Hopkins Home Care Group – HR, Denise Lannon at 410-288-8135 or Security at 410-550-0333.
  • Howard County General Hosptial – HR at 410-740-7815 or Security at 410-740-7911.
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital – HR at 202-537-4750 or Security at 202-537-4674.
  • Suburban Hospital – HR at 301-896-3830 or Security at 301-896-2500.

Most cases that come to the Risk Assessment Team are highly elevated concerns for the safety of Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, employees, or students. The goal is to prevent future workplace violence by intervening before the risk escalates. It is important to be aware of and identify disruptive workplace behaviors in order to communicate them; communication leads to prevention and early intervention.

After an incident of workplace violence, it is common for at least one person to come forward and say that he or she had previously witnessed concerning behavior from the perpetrator of the violence. If you sense something, say something! If you don’t, maybe no one else will.